Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency and Exit Lighting

What are Emergency Evacuation Lights?

Emergency evacuation lighting systems are in place to ensure that during an emergency, people can find their way to the nearest exit. The systems are fitted with battery backups that will last 90 minutes in the event of power failure, allowing for individuals to safely proceed to an exit with the guidance of an emergency evacuation lighting system.

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The required function of these systems is the provision of Electric Emergency Evacuation lighting systems for buildings. They are designed to assist occupants and visitors in identifying Exits and Pre-determined paths of egress in case of emergency.

They illuminate the path of exit and ensure that in the event of an emergency that there is sufficient light for occupants to identify and use paths of exit.

EEL Regulation and Servicing Requirements

Emergency evacuation lighting systems are a requirement of the BCA and Work Health and Safety legislation, and specific design and installation requirements are drawn from Australian Standard AS2293.1.

These Systems require a minimum Inspection and Test regime as per Australian Standard AS2293.2 – of a Six Monthly and Annual, 90 min battery discharge test.

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