Fire Resistant Doors

Fire Resistant Doors


A “passive” fire system is a broad classification that refers to components that “resist” the transfer of fire and/or the radiation of heat through them. They are used in the protection of openings in fire resistant compartments, walls/ floors, and partitions to assist in containing the fire and control the rate of spread.

The range of passive controls and equipment is quite extensive and can incorporate fire rated construction, fire rated glass, panels, ductwork, dampers and sliding fire doors. The most commonly encountered passive systems are “fire rated door sets” or fire doors of varying types.

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All fire rated door sets consist of both the Fire Rated Door leaf itself, a fire rated door frame and all associated equipment and hardware (door closers, security peepholes, locksets and lever sets etc).

The Door sets and hardware are tested and must meet and /or exceed the conditions as identified in AS1530.1 (Flaming and Temperature rise etc)

Once tested they will be confirmed to meet the required FIRE RESISTANCE LEVEL (FRL).

The requirement for these systems and doors are drawn from the BCA and Australian Standard AS1905.1


These Systems require an Inspection and Test regime as per Australian Standard AS1851 and AS1905 of the following frequencies:

  • Three Monthly (Sliding Fire Doors)
  • Six Monthly (Fire Doors)
  • Annual (Certain types and applications like Residential Hinged and pivoted door sets only require Annual Inspection and testing)

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