Fire System Servicing and Maintenance

Fire System Servicing and Maintenance


The requirements for the Service, Testing and Maintenance of Fire and Essential Systems, is a legal requirement covered by various Acts, Legislation and Codes.

Failure to do so can result in penalties – fines and premises restriction. Further issues can come about as a consequence, such as troubles with insurance and in some cases possible legal responsibility.

All Aussie Fire are accredited to conduct servicing and maintenance on fire systems, to not only ensure they’re working as intended but also to check that they meet all legislative requirements.

Routine Service, Testing and maintenance is a requirement drawn from several areas including but not limited to:

  • BCA (Builders Code of Australia)
  • WH&S (Work Health and Safety Legislation)
  • Australian Standards (Various)

All systems that are required for a premise are outlined in the Council Registered Fire Schedule.

All systems require Inspection, Service and Maintenance as outlined in the applicable Australian Standard for that system, and the Australian Standard AS1851 -2012.

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Australian Standard of Fire Systems – AS 1851 – 2012

This Standard specifically outlines the requirements for the routine servicing, inspection, testing, preventative maintenance, installation survey, and frequencies required for fire protection systems and equipment.

Due to the Diversity of systems, and their interconnectivity with other services (E.G. HVAC, BMS, Security etc.), all service, testing and maintenance is required to be carried out by Specialist Fire service providers and technicians.


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