Portable Fire Equipment

Portable Fire Equipment


“Portable fire systems” is the term used to describe equipment that can be carried to the site of the fire, and is primarily used by onsite personnel as “first Response” equipment. Portables can also refer to the following equipment:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Hose reels


All potential fire hazards are identified and classified by the fuel source/s available, and therefore require suitable extinguishing mediums and suppression types, specific to the hazards within that environment.

These requirements are identified by the BCA Part E1.6 and Australian Standard AS2444.

Please see the general table below identifying Fire Classifications and the applicable extinguisher types:


Made from Fire Retardant material (usually a fibreglass matting), these are single-use units that can be used to smother a fire (Oxygen Depletion) or to wrap around a person to assist in extinguishing flames.

Usually required primarily in kitchen and Laboratory type of Environments.

These requirements are identified by the BCA and Australian Standard AS2444.


Whilst Hose Reel itself is a fixed unit, it is still considered as “Portable” equipment as the hose is unwound and can be extended to the site of the fire to assist in extinguishing the fire at the source.

As the extinguishing medium is water, Fire Hose Reels are for application only on Class “A” fire types (Wood, Paper, Fabrics etc) and therefore are not suitable for Electrical or Flammable liquid and Oil fires types.

These requirements are identified by the EPA, BCA Part E1.4 and Australian Standard 2441.


These Systems require a minimum Inspection and Test regime as per Australian Standard AS1851 – of Six Monthly and Annual intervals, and form part of the minimum basis for required essential fire safety systems in ALL classes & types of buildings including but not limited to commercial premises, factory units, residential buildings, entertainment facilities, marine, transport etc.

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