Fire Detection and Alarm System

Fire Detection and Alarm System


An “Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System” is the core system in almost all commercial, and a high percentage of multi-density residential sites. They consist of a series of sensors and interconnected monitoring equipment that detects the effects of a fire and activates connected systems and functions. These Include:

  • Building occupant warning systems (BOWS / Alarm and Evacuation Tone Generation)
  • Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes (SSEP) formally known as Early Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS / Lift Controller / Automatic Door Controllers)
  • Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE – Fire Brigade Alarm Generation)
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems (HVAC / Stair Pressurisation / Air Conditioning / Smoke Spill etc)

Once a hazard is identified by the system, a pre-programmed response will be initiated as per site and Australian Standard requirements.

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Fire Alarm Requirements

An Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system is a requirement of the BCA, NCC, WH&S legislation and Australian Standard AS1670. Have All Aussie Fire install the system to ensure you comply with all regulations.

Fire Alarm Service and Maintenance

These Systems require an Inspection and Test regime as per Australian Standard AS1851 – of Monthly, Six Monthly, Yearly & 5-yearly.

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